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APSARA Authority Provides Traditional Khmer House Designs to Angkor Residents

Phnom Penh, March 26, 2024: The APSARA Authority's Department of Land Management, Urban and Community Heritage, has embarked on a unique initiative by assisting residents in the Angkor area with the design of traditional Khmer houses. During the third week of March 2024, the technical team facilitated the architectural planning for families meeting the criteria for construction permits, benefiting a total of 11 households.

On the afternoon of March 25, 2024, an official from the Department of Land Management and Housing Management within Angkor Park disclosed that the beneficiaries of these permits include residents from diverse locations within the Angkor region. Specifically, one family from Kork Beng village in Siem Reap city; three families from Banteay Srei district across Pradak, O Toteung, and Ta Ek villages; five families from Puok district within Andongkon, Daun Keo, Kork Snoul, Boeung Khnar, and Leuk villages; and two families from Prasat Bakong district in Stung and Thnal Trang villages have been granted permission to proceed with their housing projects.

The APSARA Authority emphasizes its dedication to streamlining processes and enhancing service delivery to the community. From the initial application to the final approval stages, the authority aims to ensure that its services are both accessible and free of charge to the residents. This approach not only preserves the architectural heritage of the Angkor area but also fosters a closer relationship between the APSARA Authority and the local community, ensuring compliance with legal standards without imposing financial burdens on the applicants.

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