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Launch of Cambodia Anti-Doping Agency to Combat Performance-Enhancing Drug Use

Phnom Penh, March 25, 2024 – In a move to safeguard the integrity of sports, the Cambodia Anti-Doping Agency (CADA) has been established to lead the fight against the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs (PED) in athletic competitions.

Announced through a sub-decree issued on March 15 and made public today, CADA operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors, chaired by the Minister of Education, Youth, and Sports. The board also includes two deputies and two members from various ministries, ensuring a broad representation and commitment to clean sports.

CADA is structured around two specialised commissions: the Commission of Doping Result Management and Penalty, and the Commission of Therapeutic Use Exemptions. These commissions are tasked with the crucial roles of managing doping allegations and providing clear guidelines for the therapeutic use of otherwise prohibited substances.

The agency is charged with several key responsibilities, including the development of policies, strategic and action plans, and regulations related to anti-doping in sports. It will also engage in research, compile anti-doping programs, disseminate information on prohibited substances and methods, and ensure compliance with the International Convention against Doping in Sport and the World Anti-Doping Code.

Operational guidelines for CADA will be further detailed in a Prakas by the Minister of Education, Youth, and Sports, indicating a structured approach to its establishment and functioning.

Additionally, CADA comprises two offices dedicated to administrative tasks, planning, education, broadcasting, and doping control, highlighting its comprehensive approach to combating doping in sports.

The establishment of CADA marks a pivotal step in Cambodia's commitment to promoting fair play and integrity in sports, aligning with global efforts to eliminate the use of performance-enhancing drugs in athletic competitions.

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