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PM Advocates for Vocational and Technological Advancement in Cambodian Islamic Community

Phnom Penh, March 22, 2024 – Prime Minister Hun Manet was at the forefront of the 8th annual Ramadan Iftar dinner for Cambodia's Islamic community, hosted on the evening of March 21, 2024, at the Chroy Changvar International Convention and Exhibition Center. This event, a tradition since its inception by former Prime Minister Hun Sen in 2014, aims to cultivate solidarity, understanding, and compassionate coexistence within Cambodia's Muslim population.

In his address, the Prime Minister underscored the iftar dinner's vital role in fostering harmony and collaboration among Cambodia's Muslims. He discussed the critical importance of preserving peace, stability, and security, both socio-economically and spiritually, as fundamental pillars for the nation's ongoing development.

Praising Cambodia's rich religious diversity, Hun Manet reflected on the long-standing tradition of religious harmony and coexistence. He attributed the country's positive religious environment to the Royal Government's inclusive policies and the collaborative efforts with various institutions and partners, which have nurtured religious freedom and cooperation.

Reiterating the government's dedication to upholding religious diversity, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for religious practices to be in harmony with efforts towards peace and development. He condemned any discrimination or exploitation based on religion, advocating for unity across religious groups to combat divisive forces.

In concluding his speech, Hun Manet called upon the Cambodian Muslim community to focus on vocational training and technology education. Highlighting skill development as a crucial factor for job creation and improved living standards, he encouraged members of the Muslim community to engage in relevant training to make substantial contributions to their families and the broader society.

The Prime Minister's emphasis on vocational and technological education underlines the government's broader strategy to empower all community sectors, including Muslims, to achieve socio-economic growth and national prosperity.

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