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Japan Grants $38,750 to Enhance Traditional Music Instruments at Phnom Penh's Fine Arts School

Phnom Penh, March 21, 2024 – In a significant boost to Cambodia's cultural preservation efforts, the Government of Japan has pledged a grant of US$38,750 to the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh. This financial support is aimed at the Traditional Instrument Improvement Project, which seeks to enrich the school's resources for Cambodian traditional music.

The grant agreement was formalized on March 20, with the Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia, Ueno Atsushi, and a representative from the school signing the contract. This collaboration marks a continued commitment by Japan to support cultural projects within Cambodia, particularly those that aim to preserve and propagate the rich heritage of traditional Khmer music.

The Embassy of Japan detailed that the grant would facilitate the acquisition of 15 types of 24 Khmer traditional musical instruments for the school. This initiative is expected to significantly enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students, providing them with greater opportunities to perform and practice with these instruments. Moreover, it aims to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of Khmer culture among the younger generation, ensuring its preservation and continuity.

This contribution is part of the "KUSANONE" program, the Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects. The program underscores Japan's commitment to promoting culture, sports, education, and the preservation of cultural heritage across developing countries. It focuses on empowering non-profit organizations working at the grassroots level to undertake significant cultural projects.

The partnership between the Government of Japan and the Secondary School of Fine Arts not only highlights the importance of cultural exchange but also signifies the robust bilateral relations between Japan and Cambodia in cultural preservation. Through such collaborative efforts, the rich tapestry of Khmer cultural heritage continues to be celebrated and sustained for future generations.

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