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Prime Minister Urges Focus on Strengthening Rural Roads

*Phnom Penh, March 20, 2024 -* Prime Minister Hun Manet delivered a call to action to the Ministry of Rural Development, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the enhancement of rural road infrastructure across Cambodia.

During the closing ceremony of the Ministry of Rural Development on March 20, 2024, the Prime Minister underscored the significance of utilizing advanced technologies in construction, repair, and upgrading initiatives to ensure the durability and resilience of rural roads.

"Continued attention and investment in the construction, upgrading, and improvement of rural roads are essential, particularly in adapting to climate change and other environmental challenges," remarked the Prime Minister.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Hun Manet directed the Ministry of Rural Development to collaborate closely with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and relevant provincial authorities to develop comprehensive road maps, conduct thorough inventory assessments, and implement proper road numbering systems. Additionally, plans for establishing a committee to monitor and regulate overweight vehicles on rural roads were highlighted as crucial steps towards preserving road infrastructure for long-term use and safeguarding the national transportation network.

In urging coordination among various ministries, institutions, and local authorities, the Prime Minister emphasized the collective responsibility in preventing overweight transport activities and ensuring the maintenance of drainage canals alongside rural roads. Encouraging public participation, the Prime Minister emphasized the vital role of community engagement in preserving the integrity of rural road networks.

The directives issued by the Prime Minister signal a concerted effort by the government to prioritize infrastructure development and enhance the overall quality of life for rural communities across Cambodia.

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