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Special Economic Zone Offers Immediate Employment to 340 Workers from Y & W Factory

Phnom Penh, March 19, 2024 – In a significant boost to employment, six factories located within the Royal Group Special Economic Zone on National Road 4, Sangkat Pleung Cheh Tes, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh, announced the recruitment of 340 workers from the Y & W factory for immediate job placements. This development, revealed on March 18, 2024, presents a timely opportunity for the affected Y & W factory workers seeking new employment avenues.

Mr. Un Bunna, the Recruitment Officer for the SEZ, highlighted the seamless application process for the Y & W factory workers, with on-the-spot interviews facilitating quick employment. He emphasized the comprehensive benefits package awaiting the new recruits. This includes an initial salary of $202 for the first three months, which will be raised to $204 post-trial, along with additional perks such as a monthly $15 premium, $10 for accommodation and travel, daily lunch allowance of 3200 Riel, and an overtime meal allowance of 3000 Riel for every extended work hour.

Further enhancing the employment offer, workers will also be entitled to overtime, professional, and 5% bonuses, as well as seniority benefits in compliance with the Labor and Transportation Law.

One of the prospective employees, Chat Chanthorn, expressed optimism about the recruitment drive, citing it as a crucial step towards securing a stable income for her family. "I decided to apply for a new job now because job opportunities have arrived through the Ministry of Labor, so I have to take the time to find a new job," she stated, reflecting the sentiment of many workers eager to transition to new roles with promising prospects.

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