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Recruitment Drive at Royal Group SEZ Offers New Jobs to Y & W Workers

Phnom Penh, March 18, 2024 – In a significant recruitment drive, six factories within the Royal Group Special Economic Zone located on National Road 4, Sangkat Phleung Cheh Tes, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh, have announced openings for 340 workers from the Y & W factory to start immediately.

Y & W factory workers are invited to apply directly in front of the Y & W factory premises where immediate interviews are being conducted. The recruiting entities include Hito Asia Cambodia EK seeking 40 workers, Yepen Rock SEA (Phnom Penh) EK looking for 100, Ring Electronics (Cambodia) EK in need of 20, Secara (Cambodia) Technology Co., Ltd. hiring 20, Marvel Garment Co., Ltd. seeking 150, and WPC UCFO (Cambodia) recruiting 10 workers.

Chat Chanthorn, a former Y & W worker, shared her reasons for applying: “I decided to seek a new job now because the Ministry of Labor has facilitated these job opportunities. It’s important for me to find a new source of income to support my family."

She expressed her trust in the Royal Government and the Ministry of Labor's handling of situations where factory owners abandon their workers, hopeful for a resolution for all affected employees.

Nhol Sarom, another ex-employee of Y&W, said, “The opportunity came to us without needing to search elsewhere. The immediate application and interview process, with quick results, prompted my decision.”

Un Bunna, the SEZ Recruitment Officer, highlighted that today's recruitment event offered hundreds of job opportunities to Y&W factory workers, with immediate application and interview options available.

He urged all Y&W factory employees to seize this chance to work in the special economic zone, promising numerous benefits. “All workers receive many advantages, including a starting salary of $202 for a three-month trial period, rising to $204 per month, a $15 monthly bonus, $10 monthly for accommodation and travel, a daily lunch allowance of 3200 Riel, and a 3000 Riel meal allowance for every two hours of overtime,” he elaborated.

Furthermore, employees can expect overtime, proficiency, and seniority bonuses, along with a 5% bonus in compliance with labor laws and transportation provisions, adding to the attractiveness of these opportunities.

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