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Cambodian Social Protection Week 2024 Concludes with Notable Success

Phnom Penh, March 14, 2024: The Cambodian Social Protection Week 2024 wrapped up on March 13, 2024, with Dr. John Narith, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Secretary General of the National Council for Social Protection, highlighting the event's smooth execution, success, and fulfillment of its objectives during the closing ceremony.

The event, spanning two days, was held under the theme "Continuing to Build a Social Protection System for Sustainability and Resilience." It focused on the ongoing development and reinforcement of Cambodia's social protection system. The discussions were enriched by presentations and debates on pivotal topics led by senior officials from relevant ministries and institutions, including members of the Council and the Executive Committee of the National Council for Social Protection. The forum attracted around 500 participants, both in-person and virtually via Zoom, and garnered a significant live audience on the official Facebook page of the General Secretariat of the National Council for Social Protection and Social Protection of Cambodia, among others.

Dr. Narith underscored that the 2024 Social Protection Week centered on five critical areas: the path to Universal Health Coverage (UHC), planning for inclusive social protection, strengthening the social security and national social assistance programs, extending social protection coverage in Cambodia, and tailoring social protection to emergency responses. Each segment featured in-depth presentations and interactive discussions.

Furthermore, Dr. Narith noted the Royal Government's recognition of the need to update the National Social Protection Policy Framework 2016-2025 in light of global developments and the findings from a recent mid-term review. The updated "National Social Protection Policy Framework: Vision 2030" aims to enhance the social protection system by adopting a risk-based protection approach and expanding coverage in response to actual needs. This was initially addressed by Aun Porn Moniroth, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance and Chairman of the National Social Protection Council, during the week's opening ceremony. The social protection system currently extends to approximately 6.6 million people, or 42% of Cambodia's total population, with an ambition to reach up to 9 million people.

In conclusion, Dr. Narith extended his deep appreciation to the Deputy Prime Minister for presiding over the event's opening ceremony and to all the leaders, representatives of ministries, institutions, and development partners who actively participated and demonstrated a high level of responsibility throughout the Social Protection Week.

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