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Minister Heng Sour Urges Development Partners to Empower PWDs Individuals for Employment Opportunities

Phnom Penh, March 11, 2024: Mr. Heng Sour, the Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, delivered a compelling call to action aimed at development partners to enhance the capabilities of individuals with person with disability in Cambodia, thereby opening up more avenues for employment and professional growth.

Speaking at the National Forum on "Environment, Disability, and Decent Work in Cambodia" convened on Monday, Minister Heng Sour stressed the urgent need for collaborative efforts to bolster capacity building initiatives tailored for person with disabilities. He underscored that such initiatives are essential to fostering inclusivity within the workforce and providing equal opportunities for all.

The minister's proposal aligns with the broader vision of the Royal Government of Cambodia, aiming to integrate one percent of the quota system into the private sector and two percent into the public sector. This ambitious goal, Minister Heng Sour emphasized, can only be realized through concerted support and investment from development partners.

"Capacity building plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving labor market," stated Minister Heng Sour. He reiterated his commitment to facilitating skills development programs tailored to the unique needs of this demographic.

Furthermore, Minister Heng Sour urged private sector stakeholders, including factories and enterprises, to embrace diversity and actively recruit person with disabilities. Emphasizing the importance of fostering an inclusive work environment, he highlighted the need for streamlined processes to facilitate seamless integration and productivity.

As Cambodia charts its course towards greater inclusivity and socio-economic empowerment, Minister Heng Sour's impassioned appeal serves as a rallying cry for collective action and solidarity in advancing the rights and opportunities of person with disabilities.

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