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Cambodian National Assembly President Concludes Successful Diplomatic Voyage in France

Phnom Penh, March 11, 2024: Khuon Sodary, the esteemed President of the National Assembly of Cambodia, has returned triumphantly to her homeland following a fruitful diplomatic sojourn in France. From March 2 to 10, 2024, Sodary helmed a prestigious Cambodian parliamentary delegation at the gracious invitation of Yaël Braun-Pivet, President of the French National Assembly.

This landmark visit was highlighted by Cambodia's active participation in the Summit of Speakers of National Assemblies, an esteemed gathering convening the heads of national assemblies from 25 countries across the globe. Sodary's inclusion, notably as a prominent female figure in Cambodian politics, not only evoked national pride but also provided a distinctive platform for the National Assembly of Cambodia to partake in parliamentary diplomacy. This endeavor aimed at bolstering mechanisms for advocating the interests of citizens, particularly women and children, on an international stage.

Throughout the visit, President Sodary demonstrated her adept diplomatic skills, adeptly employing her experience and the principles of independence and sovereignty to advance Cambodia's national agenda. Her diplomatic approach, characterized by astuteness, tact, and resolve, markedly fortified relations and cultivated cooperation with France and other participating nations. The spectrum of diplomatic endeavors ranged from enticing investors and tourists to Cambodia, garnering support for human resource development, to enhancing the capacities of Cambodian civil servants and the National Assembly's General Secretariat. Furthermore, Sodary's initiatives facilitated the forging of connections between the Cambodian National Assembly and foreign parliamentary bodies at diverse levels, including interactions with leaders of the National Assembly Expert Committee and the General Secretariat.

This diplomatic voyage underscores the burgeoning significance of parliamentary diplomacy in global affairs and accentuates Cambodia's proactive stance in engaging with international partners to secure advancements for its populace, particularly in the realms of women's and children's empowerment.

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