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Minister of Planning Holds Meeting with World Bank Country Manager

Phnom Penh: In a significant development for Cambodia's socio-economic landscape, Mr. Bin Trachhay, Minister of Planning, engaged in a pivotal discussion with Ms. Maryam Salim, World Bank Country Manager for Cambodia, on March 7, 2024. The meeting focused on fostering collaboration to support the implementation of Cambodia's Pentagon Strategy and the National Strategy for Statistical Development, spearheaded by the Ministry of Planning.

Acknowledging the World Bank's pivotal role, Minister Trachhay expressed gratitude for the institution's longstanding support in gauging poverty levels in Cambodia since 2004 through socio-economic surveys. Furthermore, he highlighted the technical assistance rendered to the National Institute of Statistics, underscoring the bank's instrumental contribution to initiatives such as poverty mapping and data dissemination.

Ms. Maryam Salim, in turn, extended congratulations to Minister Trachhay on his appointment and affirmed the World Bank's commitment to deepening cooperation with the Ministry of Planning. Emphasizing the criticality of robust data collection and analysis processes, she underscored the bank's intention to bolster support not only at the national level but also at the provincial level.

Recognizing the significance of data in informing policy decisions and attracting foreign investment, Minister Trachhay urged for an expansion of the poverty map to incorporate additional key indicators. He also solicited technical assistance for enhancing the production of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and upgrading the Commune Database System (CDB) to bolster provincial capital plans.

In response, Ms. Salim assured Minister Trachhay of the World Bank's commitment to aligning its priorities and funding with Cambodia's development agenda. Collaborating with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the World Bank pledged to provide the requisite support as envisaged.

The meeting marks a pivotal step towards fortifying Cambodia's statistical infrastructure and underscores the symbiotic partnership between the Ministry of Planning and the World Bank in driving sustainable development.

For further inquiries, contact the Ministry of Planning or the World Bank Country Office in Cambodia.

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