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Cambodia Cracks Down on Water Pollution: Factories Urged to Install Tracking Devices

Phnom Penh: Dr. Eang Sophalleth, the Minister of Environment, has issued a directive for all manufacturing facilities to adopt automatic monitoring systems and data management solutions to oversee waste discharge. This initiative is aimed at safeguarding public health and securing factory interests ahead of the enforcement of new environmental legislation.

This announcement is part of a broader campaign by the Ministry of Environment to mitigate river pollution and enhance water quality by curbing the influx of pollutants. The move is designed to protect the health of Cambodians relying on potentially unsafe water sources and to conserve aquatic biodiversity, including fish, plants, and other water-based organisms.

The Minister pointed out that the cost of the required automatic tracking devices is around $40,000. However, efforts are underway to negotiate with suppliers to halve this cost to $20,000, making it more feasible for businesses to comply. The installation of these devices is critical for monitoring and controlling the release of pollutants, thus contributing to cleaner waterways, promoting public health, and environmental preservation.

Dr. Sophalleth emphasized the ministry's commitment to assisting investors and factory owners across Cambodia in equipping their operations with these essential monitoring tools.

In response, representatives from various industries have endorsed the ministry's new requirements for the installation of automated monitoring equipment. They have also requested that the ministry consider reducing the initial and maintenance costs of these systems to support their compliance efforts and foster responsible investment practices.

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