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Cambodian Government Outlines Plans to Strengthen Migrant Worker Management and Protection

Phnom Penh: The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced the implementation of five key mechanisms aimed at strengthening the management and protection of Cambodian migrant workers abroad. The initiative, outlined in the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training's strategic plan for 2024-2028, reflects a comprehensive approach to improving employment, social security, and vocational training for its citizens overseas.

The strategic plan includes the following five mechanisms: first, an enhancement and expansion of the Cambodian Migrant Workers Management System, which will now include a tracking system and oversight of legal private recruitment agencies. Second, the establishment of risk prevention mechanisms, including procedures for immediate notification, response, and support for Cambodian migrant workers in emergencies, slated for full implementation by 2025. Third, the production and dissemination of reports assessing the status, rights, interests, and dignity of Cambodian migrant workers, including their access to personal and family development opportunities in host countries, in both Khmer and English.

The fourth mechanism focuses on increasing the proportion of Cambodian migrant workers with bank accounts, and the fifth ensures that workers' complaints are received and addressed by labor sub-committees within 48 hours.

To achieve these program indicators, the Ministry has prioritized activities such as updating and expanding the functions of the Cambodian Migrant Workers Management System and compiling statistics, best practices, experiences, and challenges associated with Cambodian migrant labor.

By 2024, social media channels dedicated to informing Cambodian migrant workers in emergencies are expected to be fully operational, along with an emergency response, prevention, and protection mechanism. Furthermore, a fund to support Cambodian migrant workers in crisis situations is also set to be implemented by the same year.

Moreover, the Ministry of Labor is committed to safeguarding the rights, interests, and dignity of Cambodian migrant workers and their families. This includes providing education for their children in host countries, assessing living and working conditions through visits, and teaching basic Khmer language to the children of workers.

To facilitate these efforts, the Ministry of Labor will delegate or create sub-committees to work alongside embassies, consulates, recruitment agencies, and representatives of the Cambodian Association of Private Recruitment Agencies. Support centers for migrant workers will also be established in countries where they are deemed necessary.

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