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Cambodian and Malaysian Prime Ministers Discuss Bilateral Ties and Future Cooperation.

Phnom Penh: In diplomatic engagement, Prime Minister Hun Manet of Cambodia met with his Malaysian counterpart, Dato' Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim, on the morning of February 27, 2024, during an official visit to Malaysia. This high-level meeting underscored the robust relationship between the two nations and explored avenues for deeper cooperation across multiple sectors.

The discussions between the two leaders were comprehensive, covering a broad spectrum of topics including political, defense, security, trade and investment, tourism, employment, the halal food industry, telecommunications, information technology, digital technology, and energy security. A particular focus was placed on enhancing connectivity between the two countries, with proposals to increase direct flights to Cambodia's prime tourist destinations, notably Siem Reap, being a point of interest.

In the realms of defense and security, both prime ministers agreed on the importance of continuing to bolster cooperation through initiatives such as human resource training, capacity building, information exchange, and joint military exercises. These measures aim to enhance the capabilities and readiness of both nations in addressing common security challenges.

Additionally, the leaders discussed energy security, expressing mutual support for the submarine power transmission project that connects Laos, Cambodia, and Singapore, traversing the Malaysian seabed. This project is seen as a crucial step towards regional energy cooperation and sustainability.

The possibility of convening a meeting of the Joint Bilateral Cooperation Commission (JCBC), to be led by the Foreign Ministers of both countries, was also on the agenda. This proposed meeting is anticipated to further solidify the foundation for cooperation between Cambodia and Malaysia.

The meeting concluded with both Prime Ministers expressing optimism for the future of Cambodia-Malaysia relations. They shared a vision of strengthening these ties to achieve new heights of mutual benefit and collaboration.

This encounter between the leaders of Cambodia and Malaysia marks a promising step forward in the bilateral relationship, with both nations committed to exploring new opportunities for partnership and development.

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