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PM Highlights Dual Focus on Achievements and Challenges

Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Hun Manet emphasized the Royal Government's dedication to fostering new accomplishments while also addressing and mitigating existing challenges. This commitment was highlighted during the ceremony to honor the 2023 Model Public Service Providers in Education and Health, held on February 22, 2024, at Koh Pich, Phnom Penh.

The Prime Minister articulated that the government's strategy across all its terms, particularly during the seventh mandate, has been to not only herald new successes but also to critically assess and improve upon areas of concern. This dual approach aims at enhancing the quality of life for the populace by expanding positive outcomes and diligently working to minimize negative aspects.

According to Hun Manet, achieving progress requires a balanced effort in amplifying positive developments while simultaneously addressing issues that may hinder growth. He pointed out that focusing solely on either aspect could lead to imbalances, as the growing expectations of the public necessitate a comprehensive response to both their aspirations and their grievances.

He further elaborated that a focus on only amplifying achievements without addressing problems could impede progress. Similarly, concentrating exclusively on problem-solving without promoting positive developments could fail to meet the evolving needs of the citizens. Therefore, a simultaneous endeavor to advance positive achievements and reduce negative elements is crucial for sustainable development.

This statement underscores the government's holistic approach to governance, aiming at a balanced and inclusive growth trajectory that caters to both the achievements and challenges faced by the nation.

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