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APSARA National Authority Undertakes Restoration of Eastern Mebon Temple's East Gate

Phnom Penh: The APSARA National Authority has embarked on a crucial restoration project to rehabilitate the deteriorating east gate of the Eastern Mebon Temple, as announced in a recent press release dated February 20. This initiative is part of a broader effort to preserve the structural integrity and historical significance of this iconic site.

The restoration efforts are multi-faceted, targeting the reinforcement of the temple's foundational sandstone and laterite components, alongside the repair of the upper brick structure that has shown signs of decay. Additional measures include sealing existing cracks to prevent further water damage and installing supports to ensure the gate's stability.

This project is among the numerous conservation activities conducted by the APSARA National Authority, aimed at safeguarding the temple's legacy while ensuring the safety of its visitors. The Eastern Mebon Temple, constructed in the mid-10th century under King Rajendravarman I's reign, serves as a homage to the deity Shiva and remains a testament to Cambodia's rich cultural and architectural heritage.

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