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Prime Minister Hun Manet Firmly Opposes Marijuana Cultivation in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Manet reiterated Cambodia's strict stance on marijuana cultivation during the closing ceremony of the National Authority for Combating Drugs meeting today. He declared that, under his leadership, there will be no allowance for its growth within the country.

Addressing the assembly, Prime Minister Hun Manet highlighted that despite proposals from investors seeking to legalize marijuana cultivation in Cambodia for health sector purposes—a practice permitted in other countries—he remains firmly against such measures. "For me, as long as Hun Manet is the Prime Minister, I do not agree with this law (growing marijuana)," he asserted.

The Prime Minister further advised foreign investors eyeing opportunities to cultivate marijuana in Cambodia to reconsider their plans, emphasizing that such investments are categorically forbidden. "Do not need to spend time traveling to Cambodia, because it is absolutely not allowed," he cautioned.

This stance reaffirms Cambodia's commitment to stringent drug control policies and signals a clear message to both domestic and international stakeholders about the country's position on drug cultivation and use.

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