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Prime Minister Hun Manet Considers Private Sector Drug Control Measures

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Manet, stepping up Cambodia's fight against drug abuse, has proposed expanding drug control measures to include private sector employees. This initiative seeks to actively engage the private sector in creating a nationwide drug-free environment.

The proposal was announced during the closing ceremony of the National Anti-Drug Authority on Tuesday afternoon, signaling a significant shift towards inclusivity in the fight against narcotics. The Prime Minister emphasized that involving the private sector is crucial for enhancing Cambodia's cleanliness and safety from the scourge of drug abuse.

“This is the mechanism that makes Cambodia more clean,” the Prime Minister stated, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach that encompasses both public and private sectors in the battle against drug use.

By extending drug control initiatives to the private sector, the Prime Minister envisions a collaborative effort that not only enhances the effectiveness of the nation’s anti-drug campaigns but also promotes a healthier and safer working environment for all Cambodians.

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