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BREAKING NEWS: PM Orders Nationwide Drug Control Measures for All Civil Servants

Phnom Penh: In a decisive move against drug use within the Cambodian government, Prime Minister Hun Manet announced the expansion of mandatory drug testing to all civil servants nationwide.

The announcement came during the closing ceremony of the National Anti-Drug Authority on Tuesday afternoon.

Highlighting the importance of setting a strong example, the Prime Minister emphasized that civil servants must act as role models for the nation. "I say cut the thorns, cut them off; if not cut, it will cut us," he declared, indicating a zero-tolerance policy towards drug involvement within the ranks of government employees.

Under the new directive, the Prime Minister has mandated the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Ministry of Public Works to implement stringent measures. These measures are aimed at ensuring that any civil servant found to be involved in drug activities will not only be dismissed from their position but will also be barred from future employment within any state department.

This sweeping policy follows an initial examination of military police officers and reflects the government's commitment to eradicating drug abuse and its associated ills from public service. By enforcing these strict controls, the Prime Minister aims to safeguard the integrity of the civil service and reinforce Cambodia's stance against drug abuse.

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