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Cambodia Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling Operations

Phnom Penh: In a move to curb the spread of illegal gambling, the Commercial Gambling Management Commission of Cambodia announced new directives on February 19 aimed at tightening the reins on unauthorized gambling activities across the nation.

The latest instructions target both existing licensed gambling establishments and the relevant regulatory bodies, outlining a comprehensive strategy to enhance the oversight of commercial gambling. The goal is to preserve public order, uphold social morals, and decisively tackle the issue of illegal gambling operations.

Under the new guidelines, licensed gambling entities are required to adhere strictly to the terms of their licenses, which dictate their operational boundaries and visibility. The directives underscore the importance of consistent management and surveillance of these licensed venues to ensure compliance.

Moreover, the commission has called for a collaborative effort between authorities and specialized agencies to actively root out illegal and unlicensed gambling operations. This includes taking firm action against licensed establishments found breaching their operational mandates.

This move comes in response to increasing concerns over the proliferation of unregulated gambling, which has been implicated in disturbing public peace, undermining social security, adversely affecting residents' well-being, and threatening the government's safe village-commune policy in various regions of Cambodia.

The directive underscores the government's commitment to eradicating illegal gambling activities, signaling a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the societal fabric and ensuring the integrity of the gambling industry in Cambodia.

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