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Pollution Incident Kills Over 10 Wild Birds in Boeung Prek Lpou Protected Area

Phnom Penh: According to NatureLife, a Cambodian environmental organization, expressed deep concern on February 16th after discovering evidence of water pollution that led to the deaths of over 10 wild birds at the Boeung Prek Lpou Protected Area.

Initial findings indicate that the poisonous water source killed 10 wild ducks. NatureLife, in collaboration with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), has collected and preserved bird samples for further analysis.

"This pollution poses a serious threat not only to wildlife but also to humans," warned NatureLife. The poisoned water can harm endangered species, fish, and livestock, while animals poisoned and sold in markets can endanger public health.

The organization commended the Ministry of Environment's prompt action to investigate and clean up the contaminated area. They further urged local authorities and stakeholders to work together to prevent future pollution and poaching incidents within the protected area.

NatureLife concluded with a strong message: "Stop eating wild animals if you love your health and the health of your family."

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