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PM Urges Cambodians to Drive National Achievements in Infrastructure Growth

Phnom Penh, February 19, 2024: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet emphasized the importance of homegrown solutions to national development during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Chak Angre Bridge under Prek Pra on Monday.

"It is paramount that national achievements are born from the work of Cambodians," the Prime Minister declared. "Our Royal Government has invested heavily in training human resources across the infrastructure sector and other critical technological fields. It is now time for these talented individuals to step forward and lead us towards even greater progress."

The government's focus on developing a skilled domestic workforce aligns with its broader objectives outlined in the ceremony. The construction of the Chak Angre Bridge, scheduled for completion in 2025, represents a vital step in enhancing Cambodia's infrastructure network and promoting economic growth.

"Road infrastructure serves as a fundamental pillar of national development," Prime Minister Hun Manet stated, reiterating its importance alongside the well-being of the Cambodian people as top priorities. "This bridge project symbolizes our commitment to connecting communities, facilitating trade, and fostering opportunities for all within our borders."

The ceremony highlighted the government's ongoing efforts to empower Cambodians to take ownership of the nation's future. With a skilled workforce driving critical infrastructure projects like the Chak Angre Bridge, Cambodia positions itself for a future marked by domestic solutions and national achievements.

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