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Cambodian Delegation Observes Indonesia's General Elections

Phnom Penh: At the invitation from the Republic of Indonesia's National Assembly, the Kingdom of Cambodia's National Assembly dispatched an observation delegation to witness the general elections in Bali, Indonesia, from February 12 to 15, 2024. The delegation, led by Ty Sokun, Secretary of the Fifth Committee of the National Assembly, along with professional staff from the National Assembly Secretariat, attended to closely monitor the electoral process.

The 2024 general elections in Indonesia, scheduled for February 14, encompass a wide array of electoral positions, including the President and Vice President, 152 Senate seats, 580 National Assembly seats, 2,371 provincial seats, and 17,510 municipal/district seats. Nearly 205 million Indonesians have registered to participate in these elections, aiming to elect leaders across five levels of government for the forthcoming five-year term.

Reports from the Cambodian National Assembly's Facebook page indicate that the elections were observed to proceed smoothly and freely, with no signs of violence or coercion at the polling stations. This year's elections feature 18 national political parties and six local regional parties competing, with Aceh province presenting 258,596 candidates to its 153 million population, approximately 75% of the total electorate.

Marking a significant event in global democracy, Indonesia's 2024 general elections represent the world's largest one-day democratic electoral exercise, engaging nearly 7 million voters across 823,236 polling stations. The elections, costing around 76.6 trillion rupiahs (about 5 billion US dollars), are set to have their official results announced within 35 days following the Election Day.

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