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Siem Reap Launches Free Bus Service to Run Ta Ek Techo Sen

Siem Reap: The Siem Reap Provincial Administration will introduce a free bus service connecting Siem Reap with Run Ta Ek Techo Sen, starting on February 15, 2024, as announced by the Siem Reap Provincial Information Department.

The service will feature 10 buses for daily operations and an additional 5 buses on standby.

Mr. Ung Sophoan, Deputy Director of Administration at the Siem Reap Provincial Hall, mentioned that the initiation of the bus route follows directives from the Royal Government during its sixth and continued into the seventh mandate. The decision, endorsed by the Prime Minister, aims to provide 10 buses to ease the daily commute for residents between these locations, alleviating transportation challenges.

"This initiative is open to all, not just residents of Run Ta Ek, but anyone wishing to travel along the designated route can benefit from free transportation," Mr. Sophoan explained. Furthermore, the administration has established 11 stations along the route to facilitate passenger access.

Initially, Mr. Sophoan observed a tepid response in Siem Reap, whereas in Run Ta Ek Techo Sen, there was considerable interest, with many inquiring about the service.

Neang Sophy, a local from Po Bos village in Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap city, expressed his eagerness to explore Run Ta Ek Techo Sen following the announcement. He encourages others to utilize the bus service, highlighting its numerous advantages.

The Royal Government of Cambodia has allocated 50 buses to the Siem Reap Provincial Administration to support this free transportation initiative between Siem Reap and Run Ta Ek Techo Sen. Plans are in place to further expand the service within the region and throughout Siem Reap.

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