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Milestone in Healthcare Progress: Czech-Cambodian Collaboration in Kampong Chhnang

Phnom Penh: The completion of the healthcare improvement project in Kampong Chhnang province in 2020, a collaboration between Caritas Czech Republic and Caritas Cambodia, marked a significant milestone in the region's medical services transformation. Supported by the Czech Republic, the provincial hospital was reconstructed and equipped, setting a new standard for healthcare delivery. The initiative led to notable enhancements, particularly focusing on routine screenings for pregnant women. Additionally, during the pandemic, the Czech Republic provided more than 2,000 pieces of COVID-19 personal protective equipment to public health facilities in Kampong Chhnang.

The collaboration continues under a new project implemented by a leading specialist from the General University Hospital in Prague. This project introduces digital advancements like a mobile application for pregnant women's registration, a comprehensive pregnancy guide, and online educational resources for healthcare staff. It also involves thorough data collection for analysis, aiming to refine and improve healthcare services in the province. This effort not only seeks to improve health outcomes but also establishes a model for future healthcare projects across the country.

The project's achievements highlight the critical role of collaboration and technology in advancing healthcare. Kampong Chhnang remains the priority province for continued successful Czech-Cambodian cooperation in the health sector in the coming years.

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