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Building Cambodia's Future: PM Seeks 20-Fold Increase in Skilled Workforce

Phnom Penh: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet emphasized the importance of self-development during the inauguration of the National University of Management's Veal Sbov branch. He warned that even the best teachers cannot guarantee success without individual commitment.

"Building capacity requires willpower and effort," the Prime Minister declared. "If we lack the drive to develop ourselves, even the most successful teacher cannot train us to success."

He stressed the importance of self-evaluation and goal-setting: "Those who know their strengths and weaknesses, who set clear goals for themselves, are on the path to achievement. Remember, self-learning is crucial. Learn from everyone, learn everywhere, but especially learn from your own experiences, both positive and negative. Chart your own course, study hard, and move forward with purpose."

Investing in human resource development remains a top priority for the current and upcoming government, the Prime Minister stated. "Cambodia's ambition is to become a developed nation by 2050," he announced. "However, achieving this goal requires a twenty-fold increase in our skilled workforce."

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