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Restoration Team Celebrates Completion of Ta Prohm Kel Temple Tower

Banteay Srei Cambodia: The ancient Ta Prohm Kel Temple, once a vital hospital during Angkorian times, has regained its past grandeur after years of restoration. Workers involved in the project, many from local communities, expressed their immense joy and pride in bringing this heritage site back to life.

Seng Sorn, a 69-year-old resident and skilled sculptor, played a crucial role in the restoration. He vividly recalls the temple's deteriorated state – "stone unstable, very dilapidated, with cracks almost everywhere." Yet, his passion for preserving history fueled his dedication. "I wasn't lazy," he says with enthusiasm, "I loved to work tirelessly, coming back daily to see the progress." He hopes to continue contributing as long as his health permits.

60-year-old Lai Lon, another stone carver, shares Seng Sorn's sentiment. "I'm happy to be part of this," he says, "The restoration makes the temple strong, leaving it for future generations to appreciate and understand our history." He acknowledges the collective responsibility of preserving this legacy, urging both locals and tourists to protect the temple. "Avoid inappropriate activities," he pleads, "so the priceless heritage remains intact."

The restored Ta Prohm Kel Temple stands as a testament to the dedication of local communities and the importance of preserving our past. It serves as a reminder that collective efforts and responsible behavior are key to safeguarding our shared cultural treasures.

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