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Cambodia's Prime Minister Highlights Four Pillars of Successful Reform in Financial Management

Phnom Penh: The Prime Minister of Cambodia emphasized the journey of the past two decades towards significant reforms in public financial management during the closing ceremony of the 2023 annual review meeting of the fourth phase of the public financial management reform program.

The Prime Minister outlined that for reforms to be successful, they must rest on four foundational pillars: a clear vision, high commitment, honest involvement, and readiness to make sacrifices.

"The path to reform is challenging and demands dedication. Achievements in reform are the result of hard work and perseverance, both in the past and looking forward to the future. There is no shortcut to success, and no reform can be realized without sacrifice," the Prime Minister stated.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister assured that the government of the seventh mandate would continue to uphold the reform spirit, adhering to the principles set forth by the previous Prime Minister. These principles include being proactive, vigilant, and steadfast in pursuing sharp, deep, and comprehensive reforms. The approach described involves a metaphorical process of reflection, cleansing, scrubbing, healing, and surgical intervention to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of reforms.

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