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Ancient Tradition Celebrated Villagers in Angkor Gather for Lerng Meak Ceremony

Phnom Penh: Deep within the ancient Angkor site, villagers come together every year to celebrate the Lerng Meak, a time-honored tradition passed down for generations. This year, on February 12th, communities like Bangkong, Samrong, Kravan, and Krasaing Romleung echoed with festivities as they honored this age-old practice.

Held after the rice harvest, the Lerng Meak marks the start of a new planting season. Villagers gather to pray for prosperity, bountiful harvests, and protection from illness. Offerings of food, rice, soup, fruits, and even noodles fill the air with an aroma of tradition. Rice cakes, candles, incense, and even clothes make their way to the local spirit shrines, symbolizing respect and gratitude.

While the central elements remain, local variations add further layers of meaning. In Kok Ta Reach, lively music and songs fill the air, creating a joyous atmosphere. In Samrong, a quieter approach finds villagers offering small meals on trays before the spirit hut.

This diversity showcases the unique ways communities express their shared values and beliefs. Whether through music, offerings, or quiet reflection, the Lerng Meak remains a powerful symbol of unity and hope for the future.

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