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Focus on Improvement, Not Punishment PM Urges Transparency During Inspections

Phnom Penh – Prime Minister Hun Manet urged all ministries and institutions to embrace inspections by the Ministry of Inspection, emphasizing their aim to strengthen national institutions rather than punish officials. His statement comes in response to concerns raised by Inspection Minister Huot Hak about difficulties encountered during inspections, including uncooperative behaviors and attempts to evade scrutiny by some national institutes.

During the Ministry's recent meeting, Minister Hak highlighted various tactics employed to hinder inspection efforts, ranging from scheduling conflicts to the outright refusal to share necessary documents. These challenges underscore a broader resistance to transparency within certain quarters of the government.

Prime Minister Hun Manet reassured officials, emphasizing the constructive nature of inspections aimed at identifying and addressing institutional weaknesses. He stressed that these evaluations are essential for continuous improvement and should not be feared. The Prime Minister also referenced the enduring relevance of former PM Hun Sen's five-step approach to institutional reform but noted that the final step, which involves more severe measures, would remain a last resort, encouraging officials to acknowledge and rectify their errors proactively.

The Ministry of Inspection, as the government's auditing arm, plays a critical role in ensuring accountability and efficiency within Cambodia's administrative framework. This initiative is part of a broader effort to promote integrity and effectiveness across all levels of government.

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