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Wooden Handrails Enhance Safety for Tourists at Angkor Wat

Siem Reap, Cambodia: Tourists visiting Angkor Wat can now navigate the ancient temple complex with improved safety thanks to the installation of three new wooden handrails. The Tourism Services Inspection Team of the APSARA National Authority's Department of Tourism Development and Culture spearheaded the initiative.

The team strategically placed the handrails at the Preah Poan Gallery: one in the center and two flanking its sides leading up to Bakan Tower. This move enhances accessibility and reduces potential accidents, according to Mr. Bou Phaneth, head of the working team.

"These handrails not only make it easier for tourists to ascend and descend, but they also discourage them from touching and clinging to the temple stones," Mr. Phaneth explained. "This helps preserve the historical structures, especially sculptures, and prevents slipping hazards during the rainy season."

He further clarified that the handrails are crafted from steel encased in wood to ensure durability and maintain the temple's aesthetic appeal.

Both tourists and tour guides have expressed appreciation for the initiative. Japanese tour guide Yem Roza shared his enthusiasm while accompanying visitors at the time of installation.

"Previously, navigating the stairs was challenging, particularly for older tourists," Roza remarked. "Some areas lacked proper lighting, further hindering their journey. The APSARA National Authority's foresight in prioritizing tourist safety, especially considering the temple's height, is commendable."

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