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Kampot Deputy Police Inspector Dismissed for Drug Use

Kampot: Deputy Police Inspector of Kampot City, Mr. Meas Piseth, has been officially removed from his position by the Minister of Interior, following the discovery of his involvement in drug use. The decision was announced on February 6, 2024, by Mr. Sar Sokha, the Minister of Interior, through a formal proclamation. This action underscores the government's stringent stance against drug abuse within the ranks of its law enforcement agencies.

Lieutenant Colonel Meas Piseth, who held the ID No. 87436 and served as the Deputy Inspector of Police in Kampot City, part of the Kampot Provincial Police Commission, has been dismissed and stripped of his position within the National Police. This measure is a part of the disciplinary offenses regulations of the National Police Force, aiming to maintain the integrity and discipline of the police force.

The Kampot Provincial Police Commissioner, Mao Chanthurith, confirmed the allegations against Mr. Piseth, highlighting the serious implications of such behaviors among law enforcement officers. He emphasized that this dismissal serves as a stern warning to other officers about the consequences of drug use and the importance of maintaining high moral and ethical standards.

Commissioner Mao elaborated on the significance of this action, stating that it serves as a crucial reminder for all law enforcement personnel to adhere to the law and set a positive example for the community. He remarked, "Cleaning our house as law enforcers not only sets a good example for the public but also upholds the honor and dignity of the National Police."

This incident is part of a broader effort by the Ministry of Interior to eradicate drug use and misconduct among its officials. It reflects a wider trend of disciplinary actions taken against officers and officials involved in drug-related activities, aiming to reinforce the principles of professionalism, integrity, and public service within the National Police and other governmental bodies.

This decisive move by the Minister of Interior sends a clear message about the Cambodian government's commitment to combatting drug abuse and ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness of its law enforcement agencies in serving and protecting the community.

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