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Prime Minister Asserts Government's Duty to Prevent Deaths from Negligence

Phnom Penh: In statement, Prime Minister Hun Manet of Cambodia articulated the government's obligation to prevent fatalities due to oversight.

At the closing ceremony of the Ministry of Social Affairs on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024, the Prime Minister praised the effectiveness of the nation's social support systems. These systems, a lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent disasters, have played a crucial role in helping countless individuals and ensuring societal stability.

Prime Minister Hun Manet emphasized the ongoing commitment to aiding disaster victims, stressing the importance of inclusivity to guarantee that no individual is neglected.

Furthermore, he advocated for a culture of communal support within Cambodian society, highlighting the value of collective assistance and solidarity among citizens.

This reaffirmation of the government's responsibility towards its people underscores a proactive approach to governance, where preventing negligence-related deaths is paramount. Through continued support and fostering a spirit of unity, Cambodia aims to uphold social stability and care for all its residents.

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