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WHO We Cannot Abandon the People of Gaza

Geneva: In a troubling turn of events, allegations have surfaced against several staff members of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), implicating them in the shocking attacks on Israel dated October 7th. The Secretary-General has unequivocally stated that any UN employee found engaging in acts of terror will face stringent accountability measures. These allegations have cast a shadow over the organization's critical humanitarian efforts in the region.

Despite these grave accusations, the significance of UNRWA's mission to aid those in dire need remains undiminished. The unfolding crisis in Gaza since October 7th has escalated dramatically, rendering hundreds of thousands homeless and teetering on the verge of famine. As Gaza's principal humanitarian body, UNRWA has been instrumental in providing essential food, shelter, and protection. This is despite the personal losses suffered by its staff, including displacement and fatalities within their ranks.

The decision by certain Member States to suspend funding to UNRWA is poised to have devastating repercussions for Gaza's populace. Given that no alternative entity possesses the capability to meet the urgent needs of the 2.2 million individuals reliant on its support, the implications of such funding pauses are profound. An earnest plea has been made for a reassessment of these funding decisions.

In response to the allegations, UNRWA has committed to a comprehensive, independent examination of its operations, alongside the activation of the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services. This initiative underscores the organization's dedication to transparency and accountability.

The cessation of financial support to UNRWA not only jeopardizes its humanitarian mission but also threatens the collapse of Gaza's humanitarian infrastructure. The potential human rights and humanitarian fallout from such a collapse could extend well beyond Gaza's borders, affecting the wider region.

The international community stands at a critical juncture, facing a moral imperative to not forsake the people of Gaza amidst this crisis. The call to action is clear: a reevaluation of funding suspensions to UNRWA is essential to avert a humanitarian disaster and uphold the commitment to human rights and dignity in the occupied Palestinian territory and beyond.

The world cannot abandon the people of Gaza.

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