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Sir Stamford Raffles Group (SSRG) Unveils Marum Estate in Anticipation of Kandal's Economic Surge with New International Airport

Phnom Penh, 30 January 2024 — SSRG, a leader in innovative real estate development, is excited to announce the soft launch of Marum Estate. This pioneering project, embodying the "Life. Elevated." ethos, is perfectly timed with the anticipated economic boost in the Kandal area, driven by the upcoming Techo Takmao International Airport, set to commence operations in 2025. Marum Estate seamlessly combines luxury living, healthcare, education, commerce, and aging in place living, enhancing the Kandal district's appeal, and delivering a bright future for residents and businesses in this dynamically evolving region.

In the embrace of Marum Estate's diverse and vibrant community, Marum Residence stands as a beacon of tranquillity and elegance. Featuring 642 homes and 259 shophouses, this architectural icon is conceived by some of the world's foremost architects in luxury hospitality design globally- SCSY Studio, Burega Farnell and Bloom Architecture. Nestled adjacent to the serene Tonle Bati Lake enveloped by lush greenery, and set against the majestic backdrop of Tamao Mountain, Marum Residence offers an idyllic environment that enriches the allure of Marum Estate. This haven provides residents with a serene and visually stunning living experience, where the charm of the outdoors seamlessly blends with the comfort of home, creating a private space that deeply connects with nature while epitomizing luxurious, modern living.

The vernacular architectural design of Marum Estate reflects Cambodia's unique interpretation of "Tropical Modernism," harmoniously integrating with its natural surroundings and embodying the essence of resort-style living. This approach focuses on meticulous details over ornate designs, incorporating thoughtful features like cantilevered balconies and sun-filtering louvers for natural sun protection. The residences at Marum Estate echo the luxury of a resort, with generous spaces, expansive windows to maximize natural ventilation, and the use of locally sourced materials. These elements not only forge a strong connection with the regional environment but also add resilience against natural elements.

Marum Residence transcends conventional living by offering a daily retreat that combines sophistication with comfort. The experiences within Marum Estate unfold with simplicity and elegance, creating sanctuaries that are authentic to the local geography, design, and cultural heritage. Residents find an immediate sense of belonging in these tranquil personal retreats crafted for rejuvenation.

Revolution in Healthcare: MOU signing with Khema Hospital and Parkway Cancer Centre

In an extraordinary leap in healthcare advancement for Cambodia, SSRG is excited to co-inaugurate a collaborative pilot programme between Khema Global and Parkway Cancer Centre (Singapore); a collaboration that marks the beginning of a new era in medical excellence with the development of a cutting-edge center of excellence for healthcare in Phnom Penh. This initiative is a cornerstone of SSRG’s healthcare commitment and a stride towards incorporating a top-tier hospital within Marum Estate.

The Five Pillars of Marum Estate: A Comprehensive Living Experience

Marum Estate is meticulously designed around five core pillars to offer an integrated living experience:

1) Residential Living at Marum Estate: A Spectrum of Choices

Marum Residence is an exceptional community, unveiling its unique character through four distinctive residences: Reserve, Sanctuary, Orchard, and Greenwood. Each residence is characterized by quintessential features that define its unique character with spacious interiors where thoughtful and inspiring design permeates every corner. Every touchpoint within these residences reflects a commitment to luxury and a relaxed garden lifestyle, enveloping residents in an authentic sense of place that is truly unparalleled.

2) Healthcare Excellence within Marum Estate

The healthcare pillar of Marum Estate is a testament to SSRG's commitment to wellness and advanced medical care, featuring the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital within the estate. This facility is designed to offer specialized care in critical areas such as oncology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and other essential medical services. While the potential collaboration with renowned institutions like Khema Hospital and Parkway Cancer Centre would further enhance its offerings, SSRG is dedicated to establishing this healthcare hub, ensuring residents of Marum Estate, wider Phnom Penh and beyond have access to top-tier medical services and holistic wellness within the community.

3) Innovative Commerce: Unique Commercial Spaces

Marum Square, nestled in Marum Estate, epitomizes a sophisticated commercial hub with its double frontage shop fronts that enhance visibility and accessibility. This vibrant center combines lifestyle elements and holistic well-being, showcasing a diverse dining and culinary scene, boutique shops, cultural venues, and lush green spaces within a distinctive heritage architecture inspired by tropical modernism. Beyond leisure and retail, Marum Square integrates an allied healthcare center, providing comprehensive health services. Regular events and entertainment foster a community spirit, making this multifaceted destination a dynamic blend of culinary delights, cultural experiences, upscale shopping, and wellness, all in an aesthetically pleasing and community-centric environment within Marum Estate.

4) Methodist School of Cambodia’s Educational Excellence: Beyond the National Curriculum

We are thrilled to announce the construction of a state-of-the-art school at Marum Estate, in partnership with the long-established Methodist School of Cambodia (MSC), solidifying our commitment to providing quality education to the Cambodian community. This new school will be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, capable of accommodating 750 students from kindergarten to a full primary education.

With its strong Singapore roots, MSC has earned a distinguished reputation for academic excellence and holistic achievements in Cambodia. Since its inception in 1997, MSC has consistently nurtured students of impeccable character, fostering a diverse range of careers as entrepreneurs, leaders in civil society organizations, and key contributors to the private sector. The curriculum offered at this new institution will go beyond the standard national curriculum, featuring an additional language component to broaden students' horizons and enhance their educational experience. We are excited to embark on this educational journey, empowering the local community and enduringly shaping the future of Cambodia through knowledge and character development.

6) Youth Has No Age: Ageing in Place in a Supportive Environment

Set to be unveiled as part of Phase 2 of the Marum Estate project is an innovative active retirement living community tailored for individuals aged 50 and above, with a strong focus on embracing the "aging in place" concept as a fundamental aspect of its holistic approach to wellness and care.

Nestled in a serene and lush environment, a dedicated section of Phase 2 of Marum Estate has been meticulously designed to promote healthy living and offer comprehensive lifelong care. This enables residents to age gracefully and comfortably within the familiarity of their own homes and community, in close proximity to their loved ones.

The estate underscores the significance of daily health and wellness activities, promoting active aging and preventive care to maintain a harmonious balance of physical and mental well-being for its residents. In the upcoming Phase 2, Marum Estate intends to take nature integration to the next level, creating an even more tranquil and revitalizing atmosphere.

Embodying the core philosophy of aging in place, this unique segment of Phase 2 will provide adaptable homes that cater to the evolving needs of individuals as they age, all within a multi-generational context. This distinctive aspect of the development aims to empower residents to preserve their independence while fostering a dynamic and supportive social network. Furthermore, Phase 2 of Marum Estate will offer enhanced healthcare services through its partnership with the hospital at its doorstep. These services include on-site primary care clinics, a wide range of health insurance options, and round-the-clock emergency support. Marum Estate continues to epitomize the ideal blend of comfort, care, and community, making it the perfect choice for older adults seeking a long-term, fulfilling, and worry-free living experience.

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