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Former PM Pledges to Expand Pagoda for Social Media’s Little Monk

PHNOM PENH: Former Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that he would be buying land to build a monastery in Kampot to help the four-year-old monk that has gone viral on social media for his harrowing story and for displaying wisdom beyond his age.

Nen Seiha is a four-year-old monk whose parents left him at Wat Prek Thmey pagoda in Kampot recently. He was discovered at the pagoda, malnourished and with dengue fever, by Ourn Sarath, who took him to the hospital after the monks said they could not afford his medical treatment. Nen Seiha has since recovered and has been featured in social media posts, where he has gained popularity for his wise demeanor and signature style of blessing worshippers.

On January 28, former Prime Minister Hun Sen took to social media to show compassion for the little monk, where he offered to fix up the dilapidated pagoda, and to build a monastery to house the monks.

 “I will send my representative to meet with the pagoda's chief priest and little monk Seiha, accompanied by Ourn Sarath to discuss practical solutions,” he wrote. "Thank you, Ourn Sarath, for helping to spread the word about Nen Seiha. And thank you to the philanthropists who will help Nen Seiha by building the temple. I call on you to continue to help until this temple is completed. As for me, I am responsible for buying land, expanding the pagoda and building a monastery for the monks to live in. Send love and compassion to Nen Seiha. ”

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