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Ministry Warns Against Using Unapproved Dengue Vaccine

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Health warned the public against using dengue vaccine Qdenga, as it is still in trial and has not yet been approved by the World Health Organization.

In press release issued on January 25, the Ministry of Health said that while social media and some individuals are promoting the use of Qdenga, the dengue vaccine is still Qdenga in the third stage of a total of four studies.

Neither the WHO nor the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the Qdenga vaccine. In fact, the WHO has warned against using the vaccine in people who have never contracted dengue, as it transmits a mild case of dengue, which can become severe.

Qdenga is not currently registered in Cambodia, the statement said. The Ministry of Health called on the public to be aware of the situation and to continue to take care of their health using appropriate means authorized by the Ministry of Health.

To prevent the spread of dengue fever, the Ministry of Health advised the public, including local authorities, to actively participate in preventing breeding grounds for mosquitos in standing water that can collect in car tires, jars, bottles, cans, open coconuts and other containers.

People with high fevers should report to the nearest clinic or hospital immediately.

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