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Vietnamese Police Minister Pays Visit to CPP President Hun Sen

PHNOM PENH: While he has been out of office as the leader of Cambodia for five months now, former Prime Minister Hun Sen continues to hold high-level meetings with international entities to build relations as the President of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). Yesterday, he met with the President of the Russia United Party to solidify cooperation on fighting color revolutions, while today he met with Vietnam’s Minister of Police to reinforce bonds in the security sector.

During the meeting, Minister of Police To Lam, representing the Politboro of Vietnam’s Communist Party, praised the past cooperation between his party and the CPP in all fields, emphasizing that the relationship between the two countries' security sector is a strong pillar, which must continue to strengthen and expand further for the benefit of the countries and their people.

He praised Cambodia's great success in 2023 under the leadership of the Cambodian People's Party, with Hun Sen as its leader, and the success of the new government under Prime Minister Hun Manet. He praised Cambodia’s general elections and the smooth and peaceful succession of power from former Prime Minister Hun Sen to his son.

He confirmed to the CPP President that the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people fully support the Cambodian People's Party led by Hun Sen and the Royal Government led by Prime Minister Hun Manet.

Hun Sen warmly welcomed and highly appreciated To Lam's visit to Cambodia and said that it has further contributed to strengthening the relationship between the ruling parties and people of the two countries.

He expressed his deep gratitude to the Minister of Police for his kind words on Cambodia's progress and agreed that the relationship between the two parties is becoming stronger every day.

During the talks, the two leaders agreed not to allow any enemy forces to use their territory to oppose Vietnam or Cambodia.

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