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Cambodia and Japan Collaborate on Mine Action Initiatives

Phnom Penh: In a meeting held at the headquarters of the Mine Authority, Dr. Ly Thuch, the Minister of State and First Vice-Chairman of the Mine Authority, met with Mr. KARUBE Masakazu, the head of the Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) in Cambodia. Focused on discussing partnerships and collaborative operations in mine action activities within Cambodia.

Dr. Ly Thuch, on behalf of the Cambodian government and its people, conveyed deep condolences to Japan for the recent earthquake losses on January 1, 2024. He acknowledged and appreciated the long-standing cooperation of the Japanese government and JMAS in humanitarian mine action in Cambodia, a partnership spanning over 30 years. JMAS has been instrumental since 2002 in clearing mined areas and war remnants across approximately 17 square kilometers, notably in Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, and Stung Treng provinces. Their efforts have been pivotal in hazard reduction, life-saving, enhancing land productivity, and notably improving the living conditions of the Cambodian grassroots communities.

Dr. Ly Thuch emphasized the crucial role of mine action in diminishing hazards and alleviating poverty across Cambodia. He highlighted the transformation seen in several Cambodian regions, where previously unsafe lands are now secure and productive, significantly uplifting the living standards of the local populace. This progress, he noted, has been made possible by the collective efforts of international partners, among which Japan has been a key player.

Looking ahead, Ly Thuch affirmed the need for continued support from Japan and other international partners in the lead-up to the Siem Reap-Angkor 2024 Ottawa Convention summit in Cambodia. This event marks a significant step in Cambodia's ongoing efforts in mine action and requires concerted international cooperation for its success.

Mr. KARUBE Masakazu expressed his gratitude towards the Cambodian government and the Mine Authority for their close cooperation and consistent support to JMAS’s humanitarian operations in mine clearance. He assured that JMAS is committed to continuing its support and participation in Cambodia’s mine-clearing operations until the nation reaches its set goals in this critical field.

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