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Ministry of Tourism Reminds Tour Guides about Code of Conduct

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Tourism has issued guidelines to strengthen the professional practice of tour guides and translators as part of Cambodia's tourism recovery post-Covid.

According to the Ministry of Tourism's directive issued on January 9, Cambodia's tourism sector continues to recover from the pandemic while tourism has nearly bounced back to 2019 levels. It said that many tour guides have returned to service and with that, stressed the need for them to honor the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. The Ministry aims to improve the quality, service, reliability and warmth of tourism for domestic and international tourists.

It emphasized that all tour guides and translators must wear uniforms, IDs and have their tour guide licenses properly displayed while working. The Ministry warned against those posing as a tour guide without proper licensing.

The guidelines also state that tour guides must protect the national interest by contributing to the preservation and management of natural resources and greenery. They must also protect Cambodia’s cultural heritage, arts, traditions and customs all their business activities.

The Ministry of Tourism also recommended that tour guides provide accurate, clear and responsible information in addition to monitoring the security and safety of tourists in their care. It said that tour guides should not demand fees or benefits from vendors or other service providers. The Ministry said that any violation of the tour guide Code of Ethics may be subject to censure, penalties, fines and even suspension or revocation of tour guide licenses.

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