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The Ministry of Education Evaluating Model Schools

PHNOM PENH: This year the Ministry of Education will evaluate between 500-1,000 schools on five standards. Out of the evaluated schools, about 50 will be announced as model schools at the Education Conference in April 2024.

Minister of Education Hang Chuon Naron made the announcement while meeting with teachers in Kampong Cham Province on January 6, where he said that schools would be evaluated on the quality of teaching and student learning outcomes based on student achievement, teaching and learning, community involvement, school operations and school administration, and school accountability.

According to the Minister of Education, the Ministry has been preparing ways to promote its vision of model schools by focusing on quality school principals and teachers, curricula, financial and general management, school leadership and teacher development programs. Based on the recommendations of Prime Minister Hun Manet, the Ministry of Education has incorporated four key measures into the standardized model which include strengthening school governance and reviewing, editing and organizing curriculum and extracurricular activities with the goal of strengthening students' knowledge, discipline, ethics and behavior.

He also spoke about the "State-Community Partnership for Education," which aims to improve student health through child nutrition programs and food quality control in schools. The program encourages the participation of parents, guardians and the community.

The Minister requested all stakeholders to work together to develop a joint action plan to build the technical capacity, leadership and management of its officials so that the government can achieve sustainable education reform that falls within budget.

He stressed the need for local Departments of Education to participate in the project and coordinate to form an action plan.

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