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Ministry of Tourism Highlights 6 places to Cisit in Mondulkiri Province

MONDULKIRI: The Ministry of Tourism promoted a number of tourist attractions in Mondulkiri, some of which are hidden in the forests. The province is located in the northeastern region of Cambodia, is easy to travel and has a cool climate.

Phnom Doh Kramom is a tourist monument in Mondulkiri where ethnic minorities and Cambodians worship in accordance with their traditional beliefs, located near the city center. It is not to be missed when visiting Mondulkiri, as it is the most suitable place to watch the sunset and get a view of Sen Monorom City from a distance.

There is also Leng Ang Leng Khin Waterfall, which is hidden in the Orang area of Mondulkiri. This waterfall is beautiful and different from other waterfalls, with the first stage called Leng Ang and the second stage called Leng Khin. When tourists enter there, they will pass through the grassy landscape that runs along the long side of the road.

Putang village is about 10 km from the Ko Prey roundabout in Sen Monorom city. Here, tourists can learn about the life of the people of Putang village, taste the local fruit wine, set up a tent and taste the food of the ethnic people.

When talking about Mondulkiri, one always thinks of Busra Waterfall because it is an important tourist destination and has beautiful scenery. Not far from Sen Monorom city (38 km), tourists can relax for lunch and visit the waterfall.

Andong Sneh is located in Dak Dam commune, which is about 22 km from the roundabout. Visitors can climb up the hill to admire the forest scenery and get a view of the S-shaped curve in the road.

Nam Lear Mountain is a unique resort in Mondulkiri- a hidden rocky mountain in the middle of the forest that can be scaled to see the surrounding forest.

Mondulkiri is a province located in the northeastern part of Cambodia, bordering Vietnam to the east and south and Ratanakkiri to the north. It has only one city, Sen Monorom, which is 382 km from Phnom Penh. The area is also famous as one of the last havens of wild Cambodian elephants.

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