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President of the CPP, Hun Sen, Pledges Support for Phanith's Education and Family

Phnom Penh: President of Cambodian People’s party (CPP) Hun Sen, extended a warm invitation to Phanith, an exceptional student, and his family to his residence on the morning of December 25, 2023.

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen commended Phanith for his unwavering dedication and recognized him as a virtuous and knowledgeable young scholar, deserving of the highest accolades. Additionally, he expressed profound admiration for Phanith's parents, individuals with disabilities who have made significant sacrifices to ensure their children receive an education.

The former Prime Minister affirmed his commitment to providing steadfast support for Phanith's pursuit of a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, he pledged assistance to secure the well-being of Phanith's parents.

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen conveyed his intentions via a message on his telegram channel, stating, "This is a unique case where I must assist Phanith in pursuing his studies in Phnom Penh while also extending my support to his parents in their hometown. This is to ensure that Phanith can concentrate on his studies in Phnom Penh without concern for his parents back home, and, likewise, his parents need not worry about Phanith's education in the capital."

Last week, Phanith embarked on his educational journey to study civil engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia—a field he is passionate about and eager to explore.

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