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CHRC Rejects International Allegations of Deteriorating Human Rights

Phnom Penh: Mr. Keo Remy, President of the Cambodian Human Rights Commission, held a press conference, firmly refuting claims by international organizations that suggest a deterioration of democracy and human rights in Cambodia.

In response to six international organizations submitting letters to the legislatures of seven foreign parliaments expressing concerns over the human rights situation in Cambodia, Keo Remy convened an emergency press conference on the morning of December 22, 2023.

The Human Rights Commission Chairperson highlighted that six international organizations, including the ASEAN Parliamentary Network for Human Rights (APHR), the Asian Network for Democracy (ADN), and the ASEAN Forum for Development, along with ASIA forum, ASEAN Network for Free Elections (ANFREL), World Alliance for Citizens' Participation (CIVICUS), and Human Rights Watch, had collectively sent letters to the European Parliament, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, and Japan.

"We are here to address accusations against us, which are not new, portraying a certain image of democracy and human rights while the actual content of the complaint revolves around the human rights situation in Cambodia. In essence, it focuses on the CNRP and the Candlelight Party, painting a picture of declining democracy and respect for human rights in Cambodia," he explained.

Keo Remy emphasized that the Human Rights Commission has taken two actions in response to this matter. Firstly, they held a press conference to clarify the importance of upholding the rule of law in Cambodia, emphasizing the government's efforts in promoting human rights and democracy. Secondly, they intend to send letters to the six parliaments in question.

He addressed the dissolution of the CNRP, stating that it was due to violations of the law involving foreign conspiracies. As for the Candlelight Party's absence from the 2023 election, it was because they did not meet the National Election Committee's requirements.

Keo Remy stressed that democracy and human rights in Cambodia continue to function normally and completely. Citizens maintain the right to run for election, participate in elections, and express their opinions in accordance with the law.

The Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Mr. Keo Remy, encouraged the people to collaborate with the Royal Government to secure their own happiness and national peace, ultimately avoiding conflict.

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