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Prime Minister Hun Manet Takes Firm Action Against Drug-Related Offenses and Traffic Accidents

Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Hun Manet of Cambodia has issued a series of directives to address critical issues during the closing ceremony of the Ministry of Environment's work review on Thursday evening, December 21, 2023.

In his address, Prime Minister Hun Manet stressed the urgency of addressing drug-related issues within the armed forces. He ordered a comprehensive crackdown on drugs and the purification of the armed forces as part of a broader mission to eliminate drugs in Cambodia. "Drug eradication must begin within the armed forces because law enforcers must maintain a high standard of integrity," the Prime Minister emphasized.

As part of this effort, officials involved in drug-related activities will be expelled from their positions, and those engaged in drug trafficking will face legal action. The Prime Minister underscored that foreign nationals involved in drug offenses will be subject to the law and deportation from Cambodia. To ensure the enforcement of these measures, Prime Minister Hun Manet instructed the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Commissioner of the National Police, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to diligently implement the expulsion of officials involved in drug use from their respective frameworks.

The Prime Minister's determination to combat drug-related issues was reinforced by the recent expulsion of a high-ranking anti-drug police officer. A colonel from the National Police, who held the position of Deputy Director of the Office of Administration-Total in the Department of Anti-Drug Offenses under the General Commission of the National Police, was removed from his post by the Ministry of Interior. His dismissal stemmed from his involvement in acts of violence, drug storage, and illegal drug use dating back to September 2019, according to Deputy Ministry of Interior spokesman Touch Sokheak.

In a separate directive issued during the ceremony titled "Closing the Meeting to Summarize the Results of Environmental Work 2023 and Work Direction 2024," Prime Minister Hun Manet addressed traffic accidents. He ordered the immediate arrest of individuals responsible for fatal traffic accidents without waiting for input from the police commissioner. "If there is clear evidence of a crime, such as a fatal hit-and-run accident, there is no need to seek approval; the suspects should be apprehended promptly. If they resist, handcuff them. The police do not need to consult the commissioner for such cases," the Prime Minister asserted.

Prime Minister Hun Manet urged law enforcement authorities to act swiftly and in accordance with the law when witnessing a clear case occurring on-site. He emphasized that his directive carries the full backing of the Prime Minister of Cambodia and called for compliance. Additionally, he encouraged officials to adhere to established rules and procedures.

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