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Cambodia's Minister Ly Thuch Addresses Partners on 2024 Ottawa Convention Presidency

Phnom Penh: December - In a distinguished gathering at the Australian Ambassador's Residence in Cambodia, Dr. Ly Thuch, Minister and First Deputy President of the Mines Authorities, stood in for Prime Minister Hun Manet to elucidate Cambodia's leadership role and hosting responsibilities for the 5th Review Meeting of the Ottawa Convention in 2024.

Addressing the assembly of donor countries and mine development partners, the Minister, conveyed the significance of Cambodia's election as the convention's president. He emphasized that this honor reflects the international community's appreciation for Cambodia's commitment to addressing critical issues and its ability to host major international events. Cambodia's presidency, he noted, symbolizes a collective achievement of friends, development partners, and stakeholders in the pursuit of a safer world, free from the scourge of landmines. Furthermore, this progress aligns with Cambodia's ongoing efforts in the field of mine clearance and safety.

Highlighting Cambodia's unique position, the Prime Minister underscored that Cambodia is the first country in the Asian region to be entrusted with the role of chairperson and host of the Ottawa Convention's review meeting. This event, known as the Siem Reap-Angkor Summit on a World Without Mines, is expected to draw participation from approximately 200 countries and involve around 700 attendees from across the globe.

The Minister also disclosed that preparations for the Siem Reap-Angkor Summit are well underway. An inter-ministerial committee and sub-committee are actively strategizing and coordinating all aspects of the event. These meticulous plans encompass transportation, administration, security, healthcare, hospitality, and finance, ensuring that every detail is meticulously attended to.

In his capacity as President, Cambodia shoulders vital responsibilities. It will preside over the regular meetings of the five committees and the Global Coordinating Group of the convention with precision and diligence. Effective collaboration with members from diverse countries is imperative for the convention's duties, with a focus on three key areas: the first International Convention, implementation of Article 5 (Mine Clearance), and the rescue of mine victims.

Looking ahead to the Siem Reap-Angkor Summit, the Minister mentioned that it will encompass a review of the Oslo Action Plan 2019, the revision of the strategic plan, and the establishment of the Siem Reap-Angkor High-Level Statement and the 5-year Siem Reap Action Plan. These critical documents will guide all states and stakeholders over the next five years as they work towards a world free from mines.

As Cambodia assumes the role of President and Host for the 2024 Convention, Minister Ly Thuch appealed for generous and sincere support from friends, development partners, stakeholders, and all those who hold Cambodia in high regard. This collaborative effort, he emphasized, is essential to achieving lasting change on the global stage in pursuit of a common vision.

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