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CPP Sets Out Goals for Its Renewed Term in Power

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodian People's Party (CPP) General Assembly set out its agenda for the coming years in seven points ranging from national defense to eliminating political extremism to improving the living standards of civil servants.

On December 10, the General Assembly said that 2023 has been a year of looking ahead for Cambodia as it is increasingly promoted on the international stage.

The General Assembly also discussed the internal and external challenges of national development and examined shortcomings in implementing policies. To strengthen the party, it has set out an agenda focusing on strengthening national defense; maintaining peace and political stability so that no force can destroy it; eliminating all forms of extremist politics; strengthening security, order and social security; and providing people with peace, both physically and mentally.

The party says it is committed to defending the constitutional monarchy, continuing to strengthen liberal, multi-party democracy and promoting respect for human rights. It says it will support the process of in-depth reform in various fields with a strong will and consistency to ensure good governance, social justice and development. It says it will strengthen the provision of public services to be effective, clean and timely to respond to public needs.

The General Assembly also reaffirmed the need to maintain macroeconomic and public financial stability, while striving to achieve economic growth in 2024 as planned, by realizing Cambodia’s potential and implementing the government’s strategies.

It said that the CPP-led government will continue to promote the development of an effective social assistance and social security system that is inclusive and financially sustainable in the spirit of "No One Left Behind."

It also pledged to ensure financial security and reduce the economic vulnerabilities of impoverished and disadvantaged communities in rural and urban areas. It said it would continue to develop the health system, improve social welfare and promote human resource development, while improving the lives of civil servants, the armed forces, retirees and veterans. It said it would promote the protection of the rights, dignity and interests of workers and address the issues of traders, vendors and other businesspeople in the informal economy.

About 3,600 CPP members attended the General Assembly from December 9-10. On the first day, the Central Committee gained nearly 500 new members while Prime Minister Hun Manet was made one of the party’s five vice presidents on the second day.

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