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Australia Supports Civil Engagement in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: Today, the Australian Embassy, World Bank, the National Committee for sub-National Democratic Development Secretariat (NCDDS) and World Vision International in Cambodia (WVI-C) launched the next phase of the Implementation of Social Accountability Project (ISAF).

ISAF II (2023-2025) aims to support Cambodian citizens to understand the services they are entitled to and empower them to provide regular feedback on the quality of services received.

Secretary of State for the Ministry of Interior’s Ngy Chanphal said, “Social Accountability is a critical part of the Royal Government of Cambodia's decentralization and deconcentration reform process to ensure the improvement of communication between local authorities and citizens in the process of governance and local development.”

“Together with local NGOs, International NGOs and our Development Partners, we will surely be able to improve local services to millions of children and families across Cambodia in line with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Pentagonal Strategy — Phase I,” he added.

Australian Ambassador to Cambodia Justin Whyatt said, “ISAF II will continue build links between service providers and service users. The idea is to improve service delivery and make it more accessible to everyone. We also hope the process builds trust and partnerships at the sub-national level”.

Janes Imanuel Ginting, World Vision International in Cambodia’s National Director stated, “World Vision International in Cambodia has supported the Implementation of the Social Accountability Framework since 2016. This has contributed to improvement in the quality delivery of essential public services – health centres, primary schools and administrative services at the communes.”

“By expanding our work with our partner NGOs today through a new grant from the Australian Government and by sustaining our work started with the support of the World Bank, World Vision International in Cambodia is scaling up ISAF to improve public services in 1,043 communes, 4,633 primary schools, and 826 health centers which will benefit over 5 million people by 2025,” he added.

The Australia-World Bank Partnership for Promoting Inclusion, Sustainability and Equity in Cambodia, a Single- Donor Trust Fund, provides a total additional funding of AUD 15 million.

Strengthening and institutionalizing the structures, systems and processes that increase citizen engagement provide transparency and improve service delivery. It aligns with the priorities of the Cambodian Government under the National Program for Sub-national Democratic Development Phase II 2021-2030.

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