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Zelensky's Courage and Determination Recognized with "Dreamer of the Year" Award

INTERNATIONAL: In the latest edition of its annual "POLITICO 28: Class of 2024" roundup, Politico has bestowed the title of "Dreamer of the Year" upon Volodymyr Zelensky. This recognition comes as a shift from last year when the Ukrainian President was hailed as the "most powerful person in Europe."

This year's notable figures in Europe include Elvira Nabiullina, Russia's Central Bank governor, who clinched the title of "Disrupter of the Year." Nabiullina's decisive monetary policies were acknowledged for maintaining Russia's economic stability despite facing substantial sanctions from the West.

Polish politician Donald Tusk emerged as "the most powerful person in Europe." His recognition stems from the success of his pro-European Union alliance in Poland's parliamentary elections, signaling a notable shift in European centrism.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni secured the title of "Doer of the Year." Meloni's ascent to power and her proposed constitutional reforms have sparked concerns among centrists, making her a prominent figure in the European political landscape.

As the year unfolds, these influential figures will undoubtedly shape the political and economic landscapes of their respective nations and beyond.

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