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Former PM Asks Writers Association to Monitor Educational Output on Social Media

PHNOM PENH: Former Prime Minister Hun Sen requested the Khmer Writers Association to review educational short stories published on social media and TikTok, saying that some historic and social stories told were full of misinformation that could affect society.

Meeting with a delegation of the Khmer Writers Association on November 20, he expressed his support for Khmer writing, but requested that training and research be done to make Cambodian literature more famous and reputable. He also expressed his support for the purpose and future direction of the Khmer Writers Association to gain a better reputation by compiling works on the true history of Cambodia.

The President of the Khmer Writers Association, Pring Pronit, filled Hun Sen in on the association’s success in gathering researchers and compiling essays on the achievements of the Royal Government. The association is also organizing a gathering of writers from the Mekong Region to discuss research work and future directions of composition.

The former PM stressed that if one is to write about history, they must research it and clearly understand it, without expressing their personal opinions. He said he would support the association’s upcoming writing competition, in addition to its plans to hold a writers’ convention.

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